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Lindsay K. Saunders is a communications and outreach public servant during the day and has been freelance writing and editing for 7 years. She is passionate about a number of things surrounding the development of content including branding, content strategy, design of documents and webpages, and the importance of communicating complex information creatively. Outside of communications, Lindsay devotes her time to advocacy for social justice issues tied to poverty, women's rights, racial justice issues, and above all: inequality.

The Weekly #24 – Women & the Ways We Work: Tiffany Alexy, Real Estate Broker & Investor

I talk to people everywhere because everywhere is an opportunity for learning and a new relationship. I was at a wedding Memorial Day weekend and found myself seated next to Tiffany Alexy. We got to talking and I realized pretty quickly that I liked this new person I was meeting. She was personable, but clearly [...]

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Advocacy, Laser Talks & Policy Technical Communication

Being an active citizen whether through community service or advocacy has always been a part of me. In fact, I'd say it’s in my DNA. Both my Grandfathers served in the military. Following his time in the Army, my maternal Grandfather was on the City Council; Board of Education -- where he helped desegregate schools [...]

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The Weekly #23 – Women & the Ways We Work: Meghan Murphy, Community Manager

A few months back, my friend Evi offered to introduce me to some other people who use communications and storytelling for more community-based and social issue related work, since that's what I feel really called to explore. Thus, I was introduced to Meghan. We shared a bit about our backgrounds, meetup connections, and travel interests via [...]

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The Weekly #22 – Women & the Ways We Work: Marcy Stahl, Business Coach

It's funny how small this world is and how interests tie us together in community. Last November, I was at a UN Women Board meeting with Marcy Stahl except we never spoke or met because there were so many things discussed that busy Sunday afternoon. Months later, someone said, "oh, I met someone you should talk [...]

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The Weekly #21 – Women & the Ways We Work: Jessica Woodbury, Producer

Crazy how you meet people when you're out to learn and connect and some of those connections just seem to stick! She's been in Raleigh, NC for about 10 years, but I met Jessica Woodbury last fall at Internet Summit 2016. There we were in a crowd of folks and turns out we knew a [...]

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The Weekly #20 – Women & the Ways We Work: Cathy Sprankle, Science Writer

Through Women & the Ways We Work, I've now talked to two women are particularly passionate about the environment and science. Each of their additional interests have overlapped with other interests of mine in a different way. Soon after I joined the Society for Technical Communications Carolina Chapter in 2013, I met Cathy Sprankle. With our [...]

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Launching My Speak Up Fundraiser: Fighting for RESULTS

My Passion for Advocating to Fight Poverty with RESULTS There never has been a more important time than now to speak up about issues you care about and make a difference in your community, state, country, and the world! Some may know that I am a grassroots advocate with RESULTS – a movement of passionate, [...]

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Women & the Ways We Work: Ellie Hudson, Not Your Everyday Mom

But, is there such a thing as an "everyday Mom?" When the Women & the Ways We Work interview series was first conceived, I didn't know where it would go, but in January 2017 I decided to speak to women about the many ways they work and really did mean all the many ways we [...]

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Women & the Ways We Work: Christina Mayr, Leading Technical Editor

In May 2005, Christina and I both landed in London to spend 3 weeks with a cohort of East Carolina University students studying abroad. Afterwards, we didn't see each other for quite some time. Then I ran into her at a SIGDOC (Special Interest Group on Design of Communication) conference in fall 2013. I was [...]

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Women & the Ways We Work: Angela LaPointe, Product Management & Travel

As I've been interviewing different women for the Women & the Ways We Work series, I've heard incredible stories, but nothing like the boldness of Angela LaPointe's boldness and risk-taking through moving about the country and travel so much, as well as her drive for business and people. With that being said, I'm amazed at [...]

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