Letter to the Next Generation of Activists

In mid-November, I received a request from a friend and RESULTS staff member to write a letter as a new board member and the vision that I have as a volunteer advocate, considering a significant focus on global poverty and my experience living and working abroad for USAID/Zambia. When I had written my letter, I [...]

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Ambassadors, Earthquake, & Drills

Originally sent to my newsletter subscribers on November 5, 2017. PSA: This week is municipal election week. I'm not sure about everyone, but there's a runoff for Mayor in Raleigh, NC. Please GET OUT and VOTE. I submitted my absentee ballot last week. Power Africa: Launch of the Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (From Top: [...]

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Farewell America, I’m onto Zambia

Originally written and shared with my email newsletter subscribers on October 30, 2017. Lindsay Adventures, on to ZamLife This newsletter will help me stay in touch and share the journey of life in Zambia, explorations of an expat, and learning as I work for USAID at an American Embassy. Thank you for all your encouragement, advice, support, [...]

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Weekly #12 – Women & the Ways We Work: Pattie Mackenzie, Fundraiser

This week’s profile features an interview with Pattie Hofland Mackenzie. I met Pattie almost 4 years ago through 20-30 Something Raleigh Chicks, a meetup group I’ve been organizing for over 6 years now. We met at one of my frequent Wine Wednesday Meet'n Greets where I invite women around Raleigh to join me for a wine tasting and get [...]

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Reporting Back: Intro to HTML & CSS Workshop with Girl Develop It

Earlier this year, I attended an Intro to HTML & CSS Workshop with Girl Develop It RDU. Seeing as I contribute to the creation of a marketing and technical newsletter for Marketing Operations at Red Hat and my last workshop on HTML was circa 2004 or 2005, I figured I'd brush up. Thankfully, there's a fantastic meetup devoted to empowering [...]

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