Hire Lindsay

I am a communications specialist, strategist, digital marketer, and community outreach specialist. With my thirst for knowledge, ability to learn quickly, and drive to get the job done, I am good at many things, but the services described below are ones I know I can offer with absolute confidence to solve your problems! Learn more about me, take a look at my portfolio of work, and view my resume. My work speaks for itself, as do the recommendations I’ve received from clients, coworkers, and professors, but the following will give you a brief overview of what I can help you and your business with. I offer one free consultation with a plan outlining my strategy to best meet your needs before we get started on launching your project.



Do you feel you lack the know how to communicate your message or write your copy? I’m well-versed in a number of writing styles. I don’t wear the Communications Specialist hat for no reason and I pride my Technical Writer capabilities, which keep me focused on the details and communicating complex content to lay audiences! Copywriting, content strategy particularly as it relates to User Experience, editorials, grant writing, instructional design, legal writing, medical writing, public policy writing, and technical writing. I’ve received training in or learned all these styles on the job. I’m not afraid of a challenge and I’m happy to communicate what you feel you’re not able to!



Need a light copy edit, but you’re tired of staring at the same page? Or maybe it’s a full proof of a publication or your website? I can cover it for you. I’ve edited academic papers, magazine articles, manuals, publications, proposals, and much more. Track changes excite me, as long as you don’t mind me using the color purple.


Social Media Marketing

Do you know how to engage with your customers? Businesses today cannot rely solely on their website to do the talking for them. Customers crave a personal side and social media is a way to make that connection stay alive. Social Media is one of the most effective marketing tools on the internet. It is the fastest way to promote your business and get thousands of potential customers. Plus, it’s free! I can install a very attractive background, cover photos, and banners for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Yelp Pages. Have another social media site which you feel would suit your organization? I can probably handle that too. If I don’t know it, I can learn it.


Event Planning

Have an event which requires communications, connections with businesses, electronic communications and details you’re not sure about? I’d be happy to advise and give you some direction on what sort of details would make what you’re envisioning come to life. I once threw my parents a *surprise* 16th Wedding Anniversary party when I was 14. That was before cell phones were in the hands of 12 year olds and I didn’t have a driver’s license. It was held at a restaurant with a band and they were shocked. I, however, was late because my seventy-six year old grandmother was a slow driver.


Organizational Skills

Are you up to par on Google Applications and Technology that can make your life easier? I’m compulsively organized and if you need help with that, I’d be happy to share my expertise on Google Applications. There may “be an app for that” which you need an introduction to. If I don’t know what it is, you better believe I’ll find out the latest on the best for it!


As you may have seen, a number of brilliant people have recommended me! If you’re in need of assistance with content, communications, branding, writing, editing, content strategy, social media, and event or nonprofit planning, please consider scheduling a consultation to discuss how my portfolio experiences and services can meet your needs. I have a variety of interests and qualifications on my resume which may be useful to you and your business. I’m available to work with clients local to Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and other cities surrounding the Triangle of NC, as well as clients in other states. My work can be done on-site or off-site. Please contact me to get started today!

*All content on this page is copyright Lindsay K. Saunders, February 2020.