• 9/23/19: Media Relations Best Practices to NCSU MPA Program
  • 10/2018: Social Media Best Practices Partner Communications presentation to USAID/Zambia Implementing Partners
  • 4/26/18: Designed “Take Your Kids to Work Day” presentation about USAID at the American Embassy
  • 2/11/18: Branding, Messaging, and Social Media Strategy presentation to USAID/Zambia staff
  • 10/20/16: I was the featured speaker to STC Carolina – How to Survive a Layoff, Job Search & Network Smarter on Slideshare.

User Experience

My User Experience approach comes from a number of experiences, on my resume, including:

Products cannot exist without consideration for User Experience, including books and documents, websites, and responsive design for mobile.

Offline Media

As a contractor with Offline Media, I interviewed users, was a part of discussions regarding product design, and wrote content for the target demographic. I was also a part of discussions regarding the project plan, competitors in the market, and conducted an information content audit.

UX Graduate Studies

In my graduate course with Dr. Guiseppe Getto, I collaborated on the redesign of the East Carolina University English Department website. We conducted a comparative analysis of similar sites, assisted in writing a survey to garner feedback about users’ interests in the site, created a project plan, remotely interviewed users of one user base, conducted a content audit of segments of the site, conducted a card sort with a prominent user, and focused on the creation of a new interactive feature on the site called the “faculty bookshelf.”

Before doing the graphic design portion, I did a sketch and conducted a quick and dirty five second usability test with it. Here is my graphic design proposal for the faculty bookshelf.

Centerline Digital

While a part of the Strategy and UX team, I learned from some very savvy digital professionals and witnessed how a brilliant agency produces really dynamic media. As a Junior Content Strategist, I designed surveys and conducted competitive research for global tech companies.


Small businesses have hired me to assess the navigation, information architecture, content, and visual design of their websites. They’ve also hired me to build sites and write the content for them, using various Content Management Systems.

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