Child Tax Credit Expansion: a Resource for Families

Before 2021, 27 million low-income children were excluded from the full Child Tax Credit (CTC). The American Rescue Plan (ARP) has temporarily closed this gap for one year. CTC Expansion Previously, the maximum CTC refund was $1,400. Families earning below $2,500 annually received nothing, while wealthy families got the full $2,000 credit. For those with [...]

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9 Ways You Can Grant a Wish For My Birthday 

Hey, How are your days? I suspect, rather challenging, any which way you look at it... My 37th birthday is on June 2, 2020. I thought for sure we'd be out of the woods by now from this pandemic and I didn't expect recent racist events... I'm still taking walks in the woods and living [...]

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NC Changemakers: Virginia Reed, Campaign Manager

I believe there are changemakers all around us, often quietly doing great work and tucked away behind people they’re elevating. I believe there are many “young people,” as we’re often referred to, making change more than we are often recognized for doing. I started following Virginia Reed, 25, on Twitter last summer when the Raleigh [...]

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NC Changemakers: Leah Krevat, Teen Activist

I’m a very community-driven person and very vocal about the causes and people I care about. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about other people are the same way, whether they put themselves out there for public service to be a candidate or elected official or they “just” go to sleep and wake up every [...]

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Lindsay K. Saunders Speech: Outlining Inequality; Identifying Advocacy & Partnership Opportunities

Back in October 2018, I received an email with an ask: would I speak to the Democratic Women of Johnston County about my advocacy work? I would love to, I said, but I was in another country, completing a year of service for the United States government and our African partners... Months later, that email [...]

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Women & the Ways We Work: Zainab Baloch, Public Servant & Candidate

Women of all ages and backgrounds are pushing boundaries more than some realize. Women and the ways we we work are growing. As someone who’s fueled by culture and seeing change in communities through structures and social movements, I was thrilled to witness the fire in Zainab Baloch at a recent Raleigh Election Candidate Forum. [...]

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Women & the Ways We Work: Sarah Beaulieu, Advisor & Speaker

This week is the 30th story of Women & the Ways We Work. I decided to reach out to some people I didn't really know, but found interesting. One of those people was Sarah Beaulieu. I realized she was posting some interesting things on Twitter and found myself watching her TED Talk: An Uncomfortable Conversation Worth Having [...]

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Women & the Ways We Work: 700 Rivers, Fashion Designers

700 Rivers Designers: Divya & Catherina This week’s Women & the Ways We Work story is debuting a new style and with two really creative women -- Catherina “Cathy” Gomes and Divya Ramaswamy -- in one interview. They are fashion designers! Another side of me, which many in my professional circle don’t know [...]

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Advocacy, Laser Talks & Policy Technical Communication

Being an active citizen whether through community service or advocacy has always been a part of me. In fact, I'd say it’s in my DNA. Both my Grandfathers served in the military. Following his time in the Army, my maternal Grandfather was on the City Council; Board of Education -- where he helped desegregate schools [...]

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Launching My Speak Up Fundraiser: Fighting for RESULTS

My Passion for Advocating to Fight Poverty with RESULTS There never has been a more important time than now to speak up about issues you care about and make a difference in your community, state, country, and the world! Some may know that I am a grassroots advocate with RESULTS – a movement of passionate, [...]

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