10 Things I’m Most Proud of From 2016

Some Thursday Thoughts in no particular order in a reflection on a tumultuous year in the rearview mirror. Because of my Marketing and Technical Writing contract work at Red Hat, Digital Marketing Manager work at Zift Solutions, and Director of Communications role with Society for Technical Communications Carolina Chapter, I’ve gotten good at email marketing, thanks [...]

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The Wave of a Woman’s Place Standing Up & Leaning In: My Personal Story

The Wave of a Woman’s Place Standing Up & Leaning In: My Personal Story Feminism in the Workplace As my career has progressed, first from the very predominately female world of education, into the role of a paralegal and account management during grad school, and then landing permanently on the communications and marketing planet, I’ve [...]

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Be Like Your Aunt Martha

Communications and making connections goes a long way. Everyone has an Aunt Martha. She remembers birthdays, sends unique gifts, has the nicest handwriting, and is the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet. Those personal touches are foreign in today’s world, but Aunt Marthas are still around. They are an enigma and a national treasure. Eventually, the [...]

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Reporting Back: Intro to HTML & CSS Workshop with Girl Develop It

Earlier this year, I attended an Intro to HTML & CSS Workshop with Girl Develop It RDU. Seeing as I contribute to the creation of a marketing and technical newsletter for Marketing Operations at Red Hat and my last workshop on HTML was circa 2004 or 2005, I figured I'd brush up. Thankfully, there's a fantastic meetup devoted to empowering [...]

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I am a communications and writing expert. I help businesses, causes, organizations, and people craft their message for more effective communications via print and digital technologies. I take the time to create content that matters. If you've got a writing, editing, or strategy need, I'd be happy to bring my skills and expertise to you [...]

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