The Weekly #1: Women & The Ways We Work – Rebecca Woskoff, Academic Coach

Welcome to my Wednesday blog series exploring women’s careers, interests, and roles. Within this series, I will explore how women of all ages, in all phases of their lives make choices for themselves, their careers, their families, and their time, in general. Rebecca Woskoff My first profile features an interview with Rebecca Woskoff. I met [...]

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10 Things I’m Most Proud of From 2016

Some Thursday Thoughts in no particular order in a reflection on a tumultuous year in the rearview mirror. Because of my Marketing and Technical Writing contract work at Red Hat, Digital Marketing Manager work at Zift Solutions, and Director of Communications role with Society for Technical Communications Carolina Chapter, I’ve gotten good at email marketing, thanks [...]

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The Wave of a Woman’s Place Standing Up & Leaning In: My Personal Story

The Wave of a Woman’s Place Standing Up & Leaning In: My Personal Story Feminism in the Workplace As my career has progressed, first from the very predominately female world of education, into the role of a paralegal and account management during grad school, and then landing permanently on the communications and marketing planet, I’ve [...]

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